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The new iPhone has a "magic" feature

Did the card pass throught the phone? Is the phone made of metal? What is happening here? We usually believe that what we see is a true representation of what’s there. The basic model of vision is that the eyes receive sensory information, the brain processes it, and then you're able to act on what you see, like dodging someone in your path, or grabbing for a cookie.

“People tend to have this impression, first of all, that they see things accurately, that they see the world as it really is,” says Jessica Witt, a cognitive psychology researcher at Colorado State University. “And there’s a lot of research in vision to show that’s not true.”

All in all, reading about this research should humble us. Clearly, many forces below our conscious awareness affect our perceptions, thoughts, and decisions, and errors abound. Becoming cognizant of those influences could keep us from making costly misjudgments or creating unnecessary conflicts with others who see things differently.

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