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Can people really read minds?

In science fiction stories, mind reading is routinely used for nefarious purposes. In the real world, having a clear sense of what others think and feel helps us avoid conflict and miscommunication and strengthen personal relationships. Imagine if you are a lawyer, businessman, or work in sales and you had the ability to know what your client or potential customer were thinking. Even the ability to just know when people are lying can be extremely powerful tool. When attempting to read someone’s mind—or, more accurately, their mood—body language, tone, and choice of words are usually the best places to begin. Another critical element is empathy: Being able to put oneself in someone else’s shoes can provide key insights into their perspective, and make understanding their thoughts, feelings, and actions that much easier.

It turns out that women were better at mind-reading than men. Women’s scores were only slightly, but very consistently higher than men throughout a study on cognitive ability. The reason for sex differences in mind-reading are a matter of debate, however. Some argue they are mainly due to genetics or hormones, while others believe they are the result of environmental factors, such as our upbringing.

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