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A truly magical blend of hypnosis, comedy, and mentalism


Improve your performance, increase your happiness, and change your life - now!

Comedy Shows, Cruise lines, College/High School Events, 

Corporate Events, Fairs, Parties, Lectures

Weight Loss, Fears, Phobias,

Life Transformations, Test Taking, Sports performance, Sexual Performance



Aerick Esquire

Hypnotist, Mentalist, Clinician 



After a lifetime training with world renowned hypnotists, magicians, mentalists and kahunas,  Aerick Esquire has created a comedy show that is unlike anything seen before.  

Employing  a unique blend of hypnosis, magic, and mentalism you will watch in amazement as audience members are transformed from everyday folks to  comedy superstars.


Need to tune up your personal life?  Aerick is certified in both clinical hypnosis and neurological-linguistic programming.  If you want to easily, effortlessly and permanently rid yourself of fears, phobias, or countless other bad habits, book a session now with Aerick Esquire and change your life forever.

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Aerick Esquire

Tel: (602) 691-6402